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Forest Roads


For forest owners approaching first thinning, the development of a suitable forest road that is fit for purpose of loading and haulage of logs by timber Lorries is crucial to the safe completion of harvesting operations.


The first port of call is to plan where your forest road will be located which may involve liaising with your local county council and most definitely the Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine (Forest Service).

Forestlink Ltd will provide experienced foresters who will aid in plotting out a favoured route aswell as applying to the Forest Service for a felling licence, but also for approval of allocating the available roading grant aid based on a maximum of €800 for every hectare (ha) serviced by the proposed forest road (See grant rate table).

Part of all grant aids by the Forest Service now require public notification which states that a site notice must be erected at the entrance to the site outlining the proposed works during the approval process.

Tree Clearance & Construction

Once the proposed forest road has been approved by the forest service clearance and construction works can begin.

In the majority of cases tree clearance is required at the construction faze and this requires a valid felling licence which has been applied for by your forester.

Forestlink Ltd ensures all Construction works are carried out by competent and experienced contractors. Our foresters can coordinate all construction works and will give regular site visits to ensure that the construction is to Forest Service specifications.