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Forest Link Ltd.


– Forestlink Ltd is based in Doon, Co. Limerick and is an amalgamation with Tipperary Forestry Services. We provide a range of forestry services such as Afforestation, 10yr Management Plans, Felling Licence Applications, Forest Road Construction, Thinning , Harvesting and Marketing timber for sale. We offer replanting quotations on a site by site basis.

We also supply a forestry investment service through Plantation inventory and valuations for a range of sale and purchase scenarios.


We are leaders in Estate Management since 1993​

ForestLink personnel have been leaders in estate management since 1993. In that time we have built a solid reputation for industry-leading management of forestry assets, in the private sector across Ireland and the UK. We have built an unrivalled network for the sales and distribution of our forestry products.

We have specialised in the rejuvenation of old hardwood plantations by felling approximately 30% of the mature trees and replanting with Oak and Ash.

To maximise the returns for the owners we had this operation classified as Woodland Improvement so as the forest owner could achieve Grant Aid. We developed an extensive export market for the Oak in the United Kingdom to improve prices.

We  presently manage as  many as 265 estates totalling 1,000 hectares with our total management area somewhere in the region of 5,000hectares. We are continuing to grow this portfolio each year.

Our experience and knowledge has given our clients, ranging from Pension Funds, Investor Groups to private land owners and farmers, the peace of mind and confidence to continually choose Forestlink when they make any new forestry investment.